24 февр. 2016 г.

Jungle drum

After the heady days in Pokhara and the surrounding area, we went to the Nepalese Terai. Blessed land with lush greenery and an endless variety of animals. In a place called Chitwan we met intoxicating humidity, that was difficult to endure without air conditioning. We stayed in a humble hotel, where we were the only guests, and began looking for an opportunity to visit the jungle. We found out that the hotel is close to the elephant breeding center and they offer unusual safari. To be honest, I am against the use of these giant and smart animals for this purpose, but we were told that elephants receive good care and nutrition, and all this needs money. So I hope we didn't cause great discomfort to the elephant, and sponsored the center. Elephant safari gives the opportunity to see wild animals in their natural habitat, because the elephant smell is stronger than  human and is not perceived as a threat. So finally perched on our huge friend, we went deep into the Terai, cutting by our faces endless spider's web. Gorgeous plants appeared before us - centuries-old trees and creepers entangling their trunks. Between the dense foliage every now and then we could see a herd of royal deers. Coming out of the woods to one of the sunny glades we saw an incredible sight. The female rhino grazing next to her little three-month cub. Baby was incredibly nice! He hasn't even had the horn and tried to stay close to his mother. I'm so glad I was able to see these amazing animals in the wild! That day we also had the luck to meet a small caiman basking in the sun and wild elephant at the watering. These place bring to me incredible delight because nature here is in all its glory and power. I would like to spend more time  there watching the beautiful animals, but out trip to Nepal came to an end. 

18 февр. 2016 г.

Fragrant like the moon, white as the jasmine, cool like moonlight

After the publication of my previous post and several photos in different pin-up and rockabilly communities on Facebook, I keep getting the admiring comments and questions about my dress. So I have decided that it's certainly worthy of an individual review. This gorgeous dress is produced by  "Lady Mayra" brand. High-quality tailoring and soft cotton make it an ideal choice for summer heat. Skirt is wide flared and looks flawless with petticoat or without it. Print on fabric is just perfect! As for the size: I'm wearing size M. I've been  chosing between S and M, because my measurements are in between sizes. But in the end I decided that it will be better if the dress is a little more freely in the waist than when it tighten my chest. I was not wrong! So please, girls with a beautiful bust and slim waist pay attention to it! I must say that when I put on this dress, I feel incredibly feminine and comfy. Every vintage girl should have in her wardrobe such outfit, that fills her heart with spring chirping of birds and the aroma of blooming flowers. 

12 февр. 2016 г.

Baby let me be your Valentine

Cuties, I wish you the brightest feelings on Valentine's Day! Spend it together with your loved ones, no matter whether it is your soul mates, friends or relatives. The world needs more love from our hearts than ever. And I give you my heart and thank you for the support you give to me always! <3

4 февр. 2016 г.

Isn't it too dreamy?

Too much noir-jazz in recent days. Its sweet sounds envelop my body and caress my hearing like a dense and sweet honey. I plunge in the atmosphere inspired by David Lynch's masterpieces, where can be heard angelic voice of Julee Cruise. Somewhere on the edge between reality and fantasy heavy curtains of red velvet  rustle on the floor and anxious and astringent saxophone from penetrating melodies of Angelo Badalamenti makes me move smoothly into its rhythmI enjoy gloomy detectives from 50s, where even murders are full of luxury and elegance, and each lady's outfit is able to pierce a man's heart better than the sharpest dagger. I like trying on my vintage boa. It is so easy to imagine myself a fatal poisoner descended from another noir movie. 

20 янв. 2016 г.


On the winter vacations, I drove my way through all Baltic countries to the heart of Europe - a magnificent Gothic Prague. Endless snow-covered fields and forests of Latvia and Lithuania fascinated me with its fabulous views. But most of all I was filled by Polish landscapes. Small towns with ancient houses, cathedrals aspiring to the heights, steep streets, white hills on the horizon - all that will remain forever in my heart. I hope I will have the opportunity to ride in a car through this wonderful country, stopping at every wonderful place, attracting my eye. In early childhood I have been to Warsaw, but now I was able to refresh my memory. Reconstruction of this amazing city is a real feat. Each stone pavement and every piece of tile has been recreated here with an incredible love that literally lights up the streets. Unfortunately there was a heavy frost in Warsaw, and I was not able to enjoy views of the city sufficiently. But Prague met us with beautiful snowfall. St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge looked like Christmas toys in this weather. All day long we've been wandering through my beloved Prague, and in the evenings chilling in the best bar in the world - "Absintherie". This is a place with inexpressible atmosphere of decadence. While drinking Absinthe, the portraits of Baudelaire and Verlaine look down at you from the walls and you hear the sounds of the piano. Having accustomed to Prague we took a trip to Sedlec Ossuary. Visit it was my old dream. Millions of bones forming candelabra, chandeliers and other decorations of the church are incredibly impressive. You can walk here for a long time looking at the finest details of Ars moriendi. On the last day in Prague the sun was shining bright and the weather was just sweet. It was madly sorry to leave the beautiful heart of Europe, but Prague gave me her wonders beyond measure, and I'm still full of inspiration.


28 дек. 2015 г.

Unwrapped gifts

My beloved had never mistaken in choosing a gift to me. For Christmas I got addition to my collection of fragrances from the DFL. At this time "Сinnamon bun"! Needless to say that the smell of cinnamon is one of my most favorite, besides it matches with the spirit of Christmas perfectly. This scent in the line of DFL is more complex and multifaceted than usually. It's not just the monotonous smell of cinnamon, but a whole symphony of flavors. And the result of it is delicious. Excellent flavor for the winter! A drop of Christmas, a piece of gingerbread, fragrant glogg and joyful mood - you'll breathe it all together with "Cinnamon bun"!

24 дек. 2015 г.

Jingle Bell Rock


*Kiss me under the mistletoe!*

Dear friends! I wish you a magical Christmas and Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true, and happiness, beauty and peace reign around! Love you! Thank you for your support this year!